More Londoners are committed to recycling plastic than ever before

Recent research by London Recycles has found that 86% of London residents are committed to reducing plastic waste and are more aware of issues around single use plastic than this time last year.

In the last year, the public awareness on the environmental impacts of plastic has increased dramatically, thanks in part to BBC’s Blue Planet documentary highlighting the issue.

However, the same research also revealed a lack of understanding about which plastic items can be recycled at home, meaning that many residents are missing out on simple ways to make a big difference at home.

Confusion making it hard to cut down on plastic use

As it stands, over three quarters of Londoners are taking steps everyday to reduce their plastic consumption, with 79% carrying keep cups, re-usable water bottles and canvas bag. Unfortunately though, people aren’t doing as well when it comes to cutting down on plastic use at home. 34% of London residents aren’t sure or think spray cleaner bottles can’t be recycled, when they can. 28%  aren’t sure or think clear plastic trays can’t be recycled and almost half (48%) mistakenly think that toothpaste tubes can be recycled.

To help alleviate some of the confusion around plastic recycling, London Recycles is making it clearer for residents of the capital through a new digital campaign, #knowyourplastic. There’ll be how-to videos making it more obvious which items can and can’t be recycled, to hopefully help Londoners to transfer their positive behaviour on go into the home.

For more information, head to Recycle for London.