Your food isn’t rubbish – Keep it out of the bin!

On average households in Barking and Dagenham waste £60 of food every month. Saving food saves money and is
good for the planet.

If the residents of Barking and Dagenham make a few small changes and start using up the food we buy, together we
can make a big difference.


  1.  Make a food waste diary for your home so you can see what you’re
    throwing away and then do another when you’ve followed the top
    tips to see just how much food and money you’ve saved!
  2.  Plan your meals for a few days so that only food you know will get
    eaten is bought.
  3.  Before you go shopping, check out what’s already in the fridge,
    freezer and cupboards and scribble it off the shopping list if
    you already have it.
  4.  When you get the shopping home make sure all your fruit and veg
    (except potatoes, onions, pineapple and bananas!) go into the
    fridge and not the fruit bowl or cupboard. They’ll keep fresh and
    crisp for up to two weeks longer!
  5.  Try and serve meals in dishes in the centre of the table so everyone
    can help themselves. Leftovers can be frozen into portions for another
    time rather than left on someone’s plate only to be scrapped into the bin.
  6.  Your freezer really is your kitchen hero – pretty much anything can
    be frozen, from grated cheese, bannanas, eggs to leftover meals
    and whipped cream.
  7.  Have a quick check in the fridge each day and try using up this
    food for meals first so nothing goes to waste.
  8.  Whilst in the fridge see if things are approaching their ‘Use by’
    date and if you’re not going to get round to eating them, pop them
    in the freezer for another day.
  9.  Those leftovers from last night’s evening meal can make a great
    lunchbox to take to work or school.
  10. Explore the Slim Your Bin website for more tips to reduce waste,
    ideas about storing your food at home, recipes, how to compost
    and how to write the best shopping list ever!