Go bananas!

We’ve all been there. A beautiful bunch of bananas sitting proudly in the bowl; one day they’re gloriously yellow, the next, they’re brown, spotty, and starting to turn the rest of the fruit as well!


It can be tempting to throw out the offending fruit, vow to invest in a banana holder and move on, but it’s so much more satisfying (and good for the planet) to save them from the bin and use them in your cooking.


The cost of our banana waste as a nation is no joke either. Every day in Scotland, we bin 126,000.  That’s £7.2 million worth of food waste in a year!


Despite appearances, brown or black bananas are still perfectly edible. They can be chopped into cereal, mashed into pancakes, or turned into THE BEST banana cake.


If you’re not in the mood for banana-y bakes, they freeze like a dream too. Simply chop them up into chunks and seal in a tub or bag. Use in smoothies, or blend with cocoa powder or peanut butter to make delicious, dairy-free ‘nice’ cream.


Here are a couple of our favourite ways to use up bananas, what are yours?


Easy peasy banana muffins


Peanut butter and banana fllapjacks