Don’t let these 6 foods go to waste again

An easy way to reduce your household waste is to cut down on the amount of food you’re binning. Not sure how? Let us introduce you to eco money-saving blogger, Zoe Morrison of Eco Thifty Living


Food waste is a major bug bear of mine. It costs money – £700 worth of food a year goes in the average families bin! Food can give off methane in landfill which is a greenhouse gas and food bank usage is on the rise in this country. It makes no sense to throw food in the bin, ever! Use it, compost anything that is inedible and if you can’t use it, give it away to someone who can!

I didn’t go from wasteful to waste-free overnight, it was a bit of a learning curve, but it was actually really fun and I have discovered some really delicious ways to use up that food that used to go in the bin! I’ve shared some of my tips below:

1 Bananas



Bananas ripen pretty quickly and before you know it you have some wannabe Dalmatians in your fruit bowl! Don’t chuck them out when they reach this stage as there are so many great things you can do with over ripe bananas! Check out my post here on What to do with bananas that are past their best for some ideas!


2 Veggie leaves



I used to discard the leaves and stems from the veg I bought, but did you know lots of them are edible (best to check first before you use them though). I use them in stir fries, steam them and this Saved from the compost leaf and stem soup!


3 Bread 



Bread is a major food waste culprit, with special offers often tempting people to buy more than they need. Don’t bin it though – instead take a look at how to make the most of your bread!


4&5 Avocados and Raspberries



Avocado and raspberries may not seem like an obvious combination, but together they make a delicious sorbet! Don’t believe me? Have a go and try out my raspberry avocado sorbet recipe when you next have some mushy avocados!


6 Chips



We don’t often have leftover chips, but one day when we had bought way too many I couldn’t bring myself to chuck them. I’m not a big fan of eating chips cold, so I came up with these yummy uses for cold chips!

So there you have it – 6 foods you now don’t need to throw away! Hopefully that will put a bit more money in your pocket and less in the bin!


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