6 delicious ways to use up your leftovers

Move one step closer to becoming a zero waste household (and save money on your weekly groceries!) by reducing the amount of food you’re binning. Natasha Lovell-Smith, editor of Great British Food magazine, shares 6 simple (and tasty!) recipes to get your taste buds watering and your bin men smiling.


1 British Gem New Potatoes and Goat’s Cheese Frittata

Let’s get this run-down of recipes started with a go-to mid-week meal – it’s quick, easy and absolutely delicious. If, like me, you’re guilty of chucking in a few extra potatoes than you probably need, this is the recipe for you! Got a few extra greens? Bung them in too and remember you can swap the goats cheese for cheddar.

Recipe here


2 Summer vegetable rice medley

Have a habit of being a bit heavy-handed when it comes to pouring out your rice? We’ve all been there – and it’s in those times that this recipe comes into its own. Any leftovers of this veggie rice can be frozen for a lazy day.

Recipe here


4 Breakfast topped bread

If your eyes have been bigger than your stomach on your Saturday morning fry up, this simple recipe will be your bin-bound bacon’s saving grace.

Recipe here
4 Bubble and squeak with ham

Now for a classic left-over lovely: bubble a squeak. Always a crowd pleaser, this tasty take on the traditional recipe makes delicious use of your cooked greens and spuds.

Recipe here
5 Leftover lamb hot pot

Cooked lamb for your Sunday roast? Pop leftover vegetables, potatoes and cuts of meat into a big pot to create a rich, comforting dish.

Recipe here 


6 Chunky potato chicken soup


As the cooler months draw in, soup becomes a staple dish – and this recipe is certainly a winner. If you’ve got any cooked carrots that you want to make use of, add them in to up your vegetable intake and get you closer to that five a day.

Recipe here