We’re cracking down on extra rubbish

In our last residents survey, you told us that keeping streets clean was one of your top priorities and the vast majority of you said you want us to start take enforcement action against those who litter our borough. So from 3 April 2017, we will issue £80 fines to any household producing more than one grey bin of rubbish a week. This means that you must be able to fit your rubbish in your grey bin, with the lid closed.

On average, around 60% of the rubbish we put in our general waste bins can actually be recycled – and there’s no limit to the amount of plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and tins and cans we’ll pick up as part of your fortnightly collection. Even if it doesn’t all fit in your brown bin, pop all the items in a clear bin (so our crews can check the recycling only contains the things that can be recycled) and place the bags neatly beside on brown bin on collection day.

Check out our ideas on reducing your waste in our tips and advice section.