5 myths about side waste: busted!

Now, you might have heard a lot about ‘side waste’ and the new £80 fines that will be introduced later this year, but what does it mean for you?

On hearing the news, we figured you’d likely have questions about the reasons behind the fines and how they’ll be managed – so we thought it best to speak with the refuse crew and find out the facts. So, here we have it: the truth behind 5 myths about London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s new side waste policy!

Myth number 1

‘The council is implementing side waste fines to make more money from residents when they already make enough money from our council tax’

Our side waste policy isn’t about making money; it’s about saving money. If we can reduce the amount of rubbish we send to disposal by just 6% a year, and recycle at the average rate for London, we can save £2 million by 2020.

As a council, we face a shortfall of £63 million (a third of its budget) by 2020 so making these budget cuts is essential.

Myth number 2  

‘It’s unrealistic and impossible for residents to reduce their waste’

Wrong! Did you know that national figures show that 4.4m tonnes of household food waste thrown away in 2014 could have been eaten? Plus, 40% more waste is created in B&D than some of our neighbouring boroughs – in fact, in Barking and Dagenham we throw away more rubbish than anyone else in London.

Here at barking and Dagenham council, we want to help residents like you to reduce your waste and recycle more. Reducing waste helps the environment, and can help to save you money! We’ve got lots of inspiration on how to do so here and free downloads here. Make sure you share your tips with us on Facebook and twitter, using the hashtag ‘#SlimYourBin’.

Myth number 3

‘I have a big family and my bin is too small, so the side waste fines of £80 disproportionally affects me’

Good news! As part of the Slim Your Bin campaign to make collections fairer for everyone, our refuse crews are asking residents to hand in any additional or larger bins that they have from the 30 January and offering families of 5 or more the opportunity to apply for a bigger bin on the council website.

Myth number 4

‘Residents unfairly suffer from side waste fines, when the council doesn’t care’

Our side waste fines are being introduced to help keep the streets of the borough tidy – and we know that you care about the cleanliness of our streets. How? You told us in our Borough Manifesto which highlighted that the community wants a cleaner borough for the future.

Helping the residents in the borough reduce the amount of waste they produce will make collections easier for our hard-working bin men which should result in a more efficient bin service. For a cleaner borough we can all be proud of, we all need to work together and take steps to reduce our waste.

Myth number 5

Other councils don’t have bin fines

Incorrect! Lots of councils all over the country have been issuing bin fines for the last 4 years – Colchester Borough Council, Exeter City Council and Flintshire Council are among many councils issuing waste fines.


So what are you waiting for? Reducing your waste is easier than you think with Slim Your Bin here to help. From a free composting guide  to  a guide on how to use your freezer to reduce your food waste. We’d love to hear from you too, use the hashtag #SlimYourBin on Facebook and Twitter to share your top tips on reducing your waste and recycling more with other residents!

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