Green Garden Waste Collection Subscription: everything you need to know


What happens to green waste once it’s collected?

The green waste we collect is turned into compost, and used mainly in agriculture.

When will the service begin?

The service launched on Monday 3 April 2017.

How often will the collections be?

Fortnightly from 3 April to 30 October 2017 and from 2 April to 29 October 2018.

I want to sign up to the new Green Garden Waste Service, how do I do this?

You can sign up for the Green Garden Waste Service on the council’s website.

How much will the Green Garden Waste service cost?

It will be a subscription service and cost each subscriber £40 per year.

How do I pay for this?

You will be able to pay for the service on the council’s website or by telephone on 0345 520 7007.

How often will the payment be taken out?

The scheme is for two years so there would be an £80 charge in total. You can either pay £80 upfront, or pay £40 per year.

Why can’t you sign up for one year?

To make the service affordable, it had to be costed for two years.

Why haven’t you made it a monthly payment – most people can’t afford £40?

Unfortunately, to make this payment arrangement possible it would have had an impact on the overall cost due to additional administration.

I have three green bins, will they all be collected if I subscribe? Why not?

One subscription covers one green bin being collected fortnightly, if you want two bins collected you have to have two subscriptions. To have three green bins, you will need 3 subscriptions. There’s a cap on three subscriptions per household.

Will you refund me for my green bin?

No. If you have paid for your green bin it is your property, and it is not refundable. If you no longer need your green bin, we will collect it and recycle it for free if it’s empty – email

When and how are you going to tell everybody about this – or are you just expecting people to see it on social media?

We have used many different channels to communicate this service, and a door to door leaflet campaign will begin shortly. There are also posters up in Libraries and Children Centres.

Why have you cut this service but spent money buying a new fleet of refuse trucks?

This is not a statutory service and there are alternative methods of disposal. Residents can compost (we’ve got a free downloadable guide, and some top tips), or take waste to our Frizlands Lane recycling centre. We are investing in new refuse fleet to replace current aged stock and to ensure a prompt and reliable service to all residents.

When is the closing date to sign up to the service?

Subscriptions have closed for the 2017 green garden waste service. However, you can sign up for the 2018 green garden waste service.

Can I cancel my subscription once I’ve started?

Yes but no refund will be issued.

Is there a limit on the amount of Garden Waste that can be collected?

All waste must fit in the green bin – we won’t be able to collect any items that are beside or on top of the green bin.

Why do I have to pay for this when I already pay my council tax? Is this just a way to make money?

Green Garden Waste is not an essential service to be covered by council tax. The Green Garden Waste Collection will operate as a cost-neutral service.

What are my alternatives if I can’t afford this paid-for service?

You can take your garden waste to recycle centres like Frizlands Lane or you can compost it – we’ve got a handy free downloadable guide.

If I’m paying for the service, how do I know that bin men will be more reliable than they are now?

The money generated by the £40 subscription fee will allow us to operate a separate collection crew and vehicle dedicated solely for the collection of green garden waste. Any problems with normal refuse or recycling collections should not impact on the green garden waste service.

How do I know that bin men will only collect garden waste for residents who have paid for the service?

The scheme will be permitted and all ‘paid-for’ bins will be marked so the collection crews can easily identify any bins presented that are not part of the scheme.

Can I share a green bin with my neighbour and split the cost?

Yes, of course! We are all for strengthening community spirit in the borough, so we’re more than happy for neighbours to share one bin – all we ask is that the green garden waste fits within the bin.

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