Restart Party helps locals repair their electrical goods
On 24 November, local residents flocked to Dagenham Library’s Restart party with their broken or damaged electrical goods in hand where they were met with a team of experts who helped fix them.

The Restart Party took place between 6pm and 9pm and saw experienced repair coaches mend malfunctioning electronics that would have otherwise ended up in bins. Everything from slow or damaged laptops, kettles, headphones, printers, toasters, radios and many other small devices were fixed for free and party-goers taught how to carry out simple repairs themselves.

The Restart organisers hope to establish a group of volunteers in the borough to provide regular sessions for local people to fix their appliances, and to encourage people to help reduce the mountain of electronic equipment that breaks down and is discarded each year.

Councillor Saima Ashraf, Barking and Dagenham Council’s Cabinet member for Community Leadership and Engagement explains: “Restart is a great opportunity to fix, learn and enjoy electronics for free. And, it will make a small but important contribution to protecting the environment and slimming your bin.”

The initiative is part of the Recycle for Your Community campaign which encourages residents of the four boroughs to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. New volunteers with repair skills are encouraged to join in, alongside community groups who’d like to host a future event.

Find out how you get get involved with future parties on the Restart website.


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