Jim sets out to help Slim Your Bin
We’ve unveiled a secret weapon in our war against waste…

Slim Jim is set to help Barking and Dagenham residents (like you!) to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our borough is currently at the bottom of the league tables for producing waste as on average every household in Barking and Dagenham throws out almost one tonne of non-recyclable rubbish each year – almost twice as much as residents in some London boroughs.

Councillor Lynda Rice, Cabinet Member for Environment & Street Scene, explained: “We’re deadly serious about the need to reduce the amount of rubbish thrown away in this borough because it’s bad for our wallets and bad for our planet.

“Slim Jim provides a friendly face for our campaign and I’m sure that young and old alike will love him and enjoy his website which is full of useful tips as well as fun and games.”

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