8 easy upcycling craft projects to try with your children today

Get your children into the recycling spirit and inspire their creativity with these penny pinching craft projects that make great use of everyday items that would otherwise end up in the bin.


1 Make a piggy bank


Not only will this craft project get children excited about recycling, but will also encourage them to get saving – who knows, you could end up with the next Martin Lewis on your hands.

Project via ngarti.com


Give your bottles the royal treatment

Transform your kiddies into the kings and queens of recycling by repurposing bin bound bottles. Add a touch of glitter glue and voila, you’ll have mini royalty in minutes.

Project via Paper, Plate, and Plane


Create some skittles

six bottles
Not only will this project make use of empty bottles, it’ll also keep little ones entertained because once made, this game promises hours of fun.

Project via Good to Know


5 Fashion a fancy fish

Jelly fish
We love these mesmerising jelly fish, made from plastic bags and bottles. Give it a go today, experimenting with different colours.

Project via Bhoomplay


6 Create colourful pencil holders

Pencil Holders

These zaney characters are certain to strike a smile. Allow your children to unleash their creativity with this recycled bottle craft project. It might just make tidying up a bit more fun too – here’s hoping!

Project via Home-Dzine


6 Make your own musical instrument


Let’s get musical! This recycled craft project cleverly repurposes an empty paint pot to create a cute little drum.

Project via Bloesem


7 Craft a new home for birds

Kinder art
Invite wildlife into your home by working with your children to transform a milk or juice carton into a bird house.

Project via Kinder Arts


8 Assemble some cute characters

Got a Minion fan on your hands? We’re certain they’ll enjoy this recycled craft project which sees toilet rolls repurposed into quirky characters.

Project via All Free Kids Crafts



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