7 simple ways to cut down your waste

Each year Barking and Dagenham households produce around 40% more waste than some neighbouring boroughs – that’s a lot of rubbish. Collectively we need to cut down on the amount of rubbish we produce.
Not sure where to begin in the mission to slim your bin? Here are 7 simple things you can do (some of them might even save you money, too!)

1 Reuse and repurpose

Before dashing something in your bin, take a moment to consider whether you can use the item again. And, when you’re shopping, opt for reusable or refillable options instead of disposable, such as razors, coffee or soap.

2 Recycle

Did you know that on average more than 60% of general waste can actually be recycled? A really effective way to reduce your household waste is to look at what can be recycled. Find out more about recycling in the borough here.

3 Plan your meals

Write a weekly menu of the meals you’re going to make for each day of the week, taking into account how many people will be joining you for dinner. And if you’re super organised, you could also make a note of daily snacks.

4 Write a shopping list

Following on from point three, once you’ve got your menu you can write a shopping list of only the ingredients you’re going to need to make your meals, in addition to snacks and essentials. Not only will this ensure you only buy what you’ll use, it could save you money on your weekly food shop too!

5 Donate to charity shops

Reduce your waste while supporting a local charity, what could be better? There are lots of local charity shops in the area who are looking for items sell. To find your closest one, try using the Charity Retail Association’s helpful shop locator.

6 Switch to paperless billing

Many companies, from banks to energy providers, now offer paperless billing. Find out whether you can switch – we’ve heard that some companies even offer reduced rates if you go paperless.

7 Go to a car boot sale

A great way to find a new home for the items you no longer need and make a little cash, boot sales are well worth the time and effort – just be prepared for an early start. If you’re unsure where your nearest one is, check out Carboot Junctions’ locator. We’ve heard that some boot sales not start at 10am…

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