6 of the biggest recycling mistakes we’ve all made – and how to avoid them!

Whether you’ve recently been inspired to get green with your waste or you’ve been recycling, reusing and reducing for a while, here are 6 common recycling mistakes that are really easy to make and even easier to fix.

1 Removing labels from bottles and cans

Hands up if you’ve given up on recycling after struggling to remove the labels from packaging. We’ve all been there. This myth is one of the reasons many people think recycling is too much effort. Don’t waste time peeling off labels before recycling them, they’re good to go with their labels intact.

2 Leaving food in containers

Contaminating recycling is a big no-no. Make sure your recyclables are free of food and, if you’re recycling cardboard or paper, tear away any grease-stained areas as the oil or grease can cause problems during the recycling process.

3 Thinking every community recycles in the same way

Each council has a different recycling collection system and different coloured bins. If you’re unsure of your recycling options in Barking and Dagenham, find out more here.

4 Not emptying liquid bottles

Make sure bottles are empty and free of any liquids. You don’t have to wash bottles out before recycling them – but if you’ve got time a quick swish round of water won’t do any harm.

5 Mixing it up

Ever been tempted to dash a bottle in the grey bin or slip an unwanted sarnie in the recycling? This is called bin contamination and it can reverse all your recycling efforts. In Barking and Dagenham, if bins are contaminated they can be rejected and added to the mounting general waste.

6 Not flattening items

Recyclables don’t have to be flattened but it’ll save you a great deal of space if you can squeeze, squash or flatten your recyclables before storing it.

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